What is this story about presenting the pictures? Why are the artist expected, nay, forced, to exhibit? After all, this brings them down to a servile role towards the public. Why public at all? They ask the artist to take a centre stage to whip him publicly or to applaud him falsely. They point fingers, move from picture to picture, but in reality this is a social outing. I have experienced it many times myself, so what is all this confrontation for? Had it any commercial value, you could think of it as of a market; you sell the art, they buy it, but it’s not real, they don’t buy, so there goes the commercial motif out of the window. The only thing left for the artist to do, is to publicly disrobe without any hopes for the truth. Because the truth, the real truth is not to be voiced, be it sweet or bitter, because if you speak you make yourself vulnerable and no one wants to be naked. Sweet naiveté, there is the artist, standing in the middle waiting for applause and acceptation. Seriously, do I want to have a vernissage? Goodness me, no, I do not hunger for untruths. Artistic Loft69 will welcome me in muted silence. Do I want an exhibition, then? Yes, an exhibition, yes, please. We had this private event once before in Artistc Loft69, when only the exhibiting artists were present: Jan Pruski, Henryk Cześnik, Jurgen Huber and Manufaktura69 duet, namely the two of us: Wojtek and me. I wrote about it before. 

I promise, once I find myself there, I will let you know, so if you are interested, you’ll be able to have a look at my work in an intimate atmosphere. See you?