The longer I live the more sacrum, the less sacrum. Meggy Bernhardt

Is it necessary to learn how to paint? Yes and no. Holy cow, it’s not the saints who make the pots. This is my motto from my childhood. We used this expression when faced with a new challenge. Thanks to it, I have become a gardener, a translator, a designer, clothes maker, furniture producer, a photographer, an editor, a chef (only in Galery69), a manager (that’s a bit more in line with my education). If anyone ever asks me if education can be got at a school desk only, my answer will be a resounding no! If I had to earn everything I know in the classroom, I would have been chained to the desk forever. Who wants to learn, learns- in any place, any circumstances, any time. A hungry mind will soak up knowledge from any source. Anyone you meet becomes your teacher; any observation becomes an experience and any practical task, a step closer to become a master. I do believe in self-education, because it is a process undertaken at your own volition, because you hanker after it without coercion, and therefore, it brings good results. Freedom of choice above all and faith in your own potential- this is something I was taught at home. And painting? If you feel the need to create, paint! Others will have to deal with it somehow. And if one or the other will say something, think something- or well, what does it matter if there is a fire burning inside you?  

cm: 150 x 100 | acrylic on the board