I am daunted by the myriad of possibilities in composing a picture. I am scared of the ease of creating more pictures. I remember Grzech Piotrowski’s dream of playing a musical piece on one note. I need to constrain myself, to synthetize, to minimise the scope of expression. Maybe I do understand monochrome pictures or blank pages, they are nothing else but the escape from the roiling concepts and wishes. I remember when a new building was erected in my town, a building that embodied all the new and fashionable architectural details, and I thought that the architect had Archicad at his disposal and must have been on a foreign trip for architects and then tried to exhibit in this singular projects everything that he had learned on it. Glass, metal, stone, plaster, rectangular and oval windows, columns, recesses and protrusions, all in one, smallish building. Every time I get caught in ‘trends’, I recall this building and it works better than a cold shower.