Satisfaction is conducive to high self- esteem by the artist and thus diminishes the critical approach to work. Mediocre artists are self powered and keep painting yet another and another kitsch.  Małgosia. Day one. <span class="su-quote-cite">Meggy Bernhardt</span>

I am not surprised that in my first hour of creation I decided to paint like Jan Pruski. I have been soaking his art for 18 years, the entire length of time his works of art have been a part of Galery69. So, on a small piece of hardboard covered on one side with canvas, I spread paint with a palette knife and then scratch it with a chisel, with the end of the paintbrush, rub it with a rag, paint again. I tortured the board for two hours then I had a certain thought that I inscribed on the wall. About my own satisfaction.