“Boulevards of Saint Tropez” piece 2

5600  including VAT

“Blue” cycle – klick for more…

150 W x100 H [cm]. Acryl.
Autor: Meggy Bernhardt


Painting surface. Acrylic resin on mdf (medium density fibreboard). The board is practically plastered with resin, which gives the painting surface a very interesting granular structure and also the impression of a wall. It is possible that it is a fresco. 

Picture Frame. This work of art does not require a frame. The work is ready for hanging.

For transportation the painting is packed in a wooden frame. Weight: 17 kg. With packaging: 32 kg. The gallery provides transport and installation within Poland.

The original is featured in the Artistic Loft Gallery in Hotel Galery69. I would like to invite you to this unusual gallery, which is functionally a hotel, and is intended as an exhibition of art and authorial design of the duo Manufaktura69, of which I am a „half”.

Signature. The work is signed by me in the bottom right-hand corner with the initials MB and on the back: Meggy Bernhardt, title, format and data. I also attach a certificate.

Black and white photographs – my inspirations. 

“Boulevards of Saint Tropez” part 1 – why exactly Saint Tropez? I have never been there, but I associate it beautifully. I remember this place from the French movies of the 50-70’s. Poland of the communist era used to show French cinema on TV. It was very good cinema! In my memories, I see black and white frames of films with Brigitte Bardot, but in addition, a color filter from the images I experienced on the Azure coast is superimposed on them. That’s how the collage of what I remember with what is only imagined was created. As a result, the image brings to mind a colored black and white photograph. I don’t know if I will ever be in Saint Tropez. And if I will, how will the confrontation turn out? I do know one thing, the world has not been so transparently blue for a long time.