Large Format

My colleague, an artist, was trying to slow me down…’please; it’s too early to go for a large format’. But I wanted it to be real! I love large formats, so why deny myself? Besides, I hate tentative attempts; let’s jump in at a deep end, that’s what I like! 

A thought to mull over: is a large picture comprised of small spaces joined together? Should I select a small piece of a small format and scale it up? Scale up the tools, the motifs? I don’t know. Yet. 

cm: 150 x 100 | acrylic on the board

And so a picture emerged made of details, spaces, colours. Composed because I wanted to achieve coherent elements. You can view it up close and submerge yourself in deeper layers or from a distance and soak up the way the colours fuse. 

Is it colour filled painting? I am not too happy that I am encroaching on Marc Rothko’s field. I esteem him too much and he is one of the most revered representatives of this movement. Clyfford Still (captivating)? Dreams!