For me, the beginning, the starting point for creating is always informel, also known as abstract expressionism. That is, a very intuitive, spontaneous and fast exit – it takes minutes. German informel master Karl Otto Goetz used to say to his pupils – „no thing, no thought! Paint quickly, as fast as you can – then something will happen”. That is how it is. This introductory phase is followed by a long contemplation and the extraction from this short act of expressive creation a fully studied finish. These contemplations last for so long, sometimes many days, until the process of intellectual effort to adapt the image to my stimulated imagination is followed by a kind of stagnation and saturation of the theme. I need an act of aggression, a dynamic attack on this over-intellectualised vision. I am restoring informal wildness to the work. Perhaps this is how Antonio Tapies worked? I look at the photographs of Tapies at work, I observe his concentration, his contemplation… in fact, he is mainly sitting and contemplating. From time to time he would probably make a mark, put a stain… and think again. It is possible that I interpret him this way through my own behaviour. Sometimes I just go to the studio to “stare” at work. I do not paint. I just sit and look.

Antonio Tapies