depictive abstraction

The “obvious” takes away the role of the imagination. Surrealism? Yes, it can be beautiful or even spectacular, but it also takes away the joy of discovery. Maybe just a touch?   Abstraction, dressed up with a little surrealism, can bring joy to the creator, but in this context it is a little selfish, because it erases this great interaction with the viewer. It is the viewer who completes the act of creation through his interpretations. The work is what you want to see in it. As an author, I’m extremely curious about these interpretations, so I look at people looking at my work and look for a new story, if any, in the expression of their faces.

Perhaps it would be such a depictive abstraction. Whatever it sounds like, I think it’s possible. It’s no longer enough for me to make a gesture as an act of expression. Yes, I let the tool run intuitively, I follow it and wait for the image to show itself to me. I never know how long it will take. I just paint and wait. When a story comes up, I take the lead.

Consciousness takes control over intuition. Suddenly, I reflect that I am too much of a ruler, what I see becomes too obvious and I immediately take a step back. I cover up to reveal again in a moment, but a little bit. I would like to say something very figurative by means of abstraction. Pure nonsense. Painting of nonsense?