I am afraid that if I do not work more, i.e., paint, then I will become conservative. I feel sorrow and joy for what already exists, although I realize that this is not the end yet; the end is still far away. So why do I pause? I muse that if I painted more, if I were more industrious, then I would experiment with panache that would benefit my own development. Yes, I do think sometimes that less is more, that it could be a sign of minimalism, of craft enabling me to convey the meaning in simplistic form. Or maybe it’s a lack of courage to go further. Apparently Andy Warhol used to ask his friends if the picture was finished. He liked to know the opinion of others, even if, I suspect, it did not matter much to him. I guess he knew very well whether the picture was finished or not, regardless of what he heard. 

Time for a bit of aside: my thoughts on mediocrity and stopping at the threshold. 

cm: 130 x 98 | acrylic on the board

A ‘skimpy’ picture was created today and I am not going to ask anyone if it is the end or not, because I do not want to know. For me, it is the end.