city stories – in hot colors

There are places, rather cities, with high color temperature. Especially at night. It’s nothing that it’s dark, because just a trickle of light from a street lamp is enough to make everything play with hot color. Color temperature is correlated with ambient temperature. In a hot climate it is colorful. Well. I am left to travel to these places from time to time, because I live in a different color zone. It is possible that this is why I find such fun in saturated, warm, essential color. Like Mexico for example…. I discovered an artist photographer who roams the streets of Mexico and photographs what is so elusive and unobvious, he photographs the atmosphere of places. He awakens my appetite for color and inspires me. I add some more of my own emotions and experiences to this inspiration and a painting is created. I hope I can stay in this hot climate for a while and paint more than this one. And then there’s this little thing…. my “sticker”. What’s that? Often, to emphasize the link between my work and the source of inspiration, I paste into the painting a tiny piece of photography, often invisible at first glance, but very important to me. This tiny photograph gives the work a context.
“Dia de Muertos” / _2023. Acrylic fresco. 150 x 100 cm.
“Java rain” / _2023. Acrylic fresco. 150 x 100 cm
“City break – Mexico” / _2023. Acrylic fresco. 150 x 100 cm.