4.5% – A Controlled Finish

I have observed that I allow myself 4.5 % control over work. Having first pained expressively, straight from the soul, I reached a moment when I take two steps back, take my glasses off (or put them on) and contemplate what is in front of my eyes. This is the moment when I would like to return to here and now, or in other words, to regain the control over the situation. So I take a measured look and complete the work, give it a context. I am not sure if I will ever allow myself more control -4.5% will do for the time being. 

Maybe I am trying too hard to define what has been created; is it good or bad? But since I find it irresistible, why should I resist? There is still so much to paint; maybe things will sort themselves out as I keep going. For now, I will follow my destiny. Go, woman, go!